Design & Development

Design and Development

Look sharp and professional.

A clean, contemporary website design can make your small business look like a national company. Your new Home page will immediately catch the eye, building credibility and trust. The right ‘site architecture’ will then draw visitors closer, into other pages, where they’ll be persuaded to engage.

 Stand out among your competitors.

In today’s competitive online marketplace, simply having a website is not enough. It takes much thought and planning to convey what is uniquely beneficial about your offerings. Let’s start with what’s truly important to your buyers, to connect with them in a meaningful way.

 Be fully functional.

Will you be selling products online with e-commerce? Do you have content that’s restricted to certain visitors? Are there other ways you want people to interact with your site? We’ll customize the flexible WordPress platform to get your site working smoothly and intuitively. 

What’s in a website?

What you see:

Look & feel
Images & graphics
Color palette
Font choices
These things make your website look right

What you don’t see:

Domain management
DNS configuration
Hosting configuration & management
SSL Certificate
WordPress maintenance & updates
Plugin/theme incompatibility resolution
Website security
Semantic design
Custom coding for efficiency
On-page SEO
Image optimization
Page speed optimization
Analytics Configuration
These things make your website work and keep working

Are you using ‘bad words’ on your website?

Outdated marketing phrases tend to do more harm than good with today’s online buyers. Plus these superficial clichés make competitors all sound alike. What are those words? And what should you say instead? Find out in this free, fun and provocative little e-book.