The first step in creating the perfect Website for you is defining what its purpose is, what you want it to do, and what you already have.

This form is intended to do two things: help you think through these things, and give me a basis on which to evaluate how I can help with your goals.

Please answer as completely as you can, so our discussion can be as productive as possible.

  • The Basics

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  • About You and Your Site

  • a short description - your elevator speech
  • (sell products, online brochure, distribute information to customers, etc.)
  • (read the site only, login to add content or see proprietary information, purchase products, etc.)
  • (increase visibility, establish expert status, sell products, create a blog, provide information to customers, etc.)
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  • (call you, join your mailing list, purchase a product, etc.)
  • The Design

  • please be specific
  • please be specific
  • A Few Specifics

  • (Home, About, Contact, etc. Only list the main pages, and this can change easily. Just give me your initial thoughts.)
  • (Newsletter service, online store, booking platform, etc)
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